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About Leffler Ag Consulting and Zenger Management
Tom and Patty Leffler are owners of Leffler Ag Consulting, LLC and Leffler Commodities, LLC (a commodity brokerage firm), both located in Augusta, Kansas. Prior to entering the commodity brokerage and Ag risk management field in 1991, Tom was a 3rd generation active member of Leffler Farms, Inc., a diversified cattle and farming operation in east-central Kansas.

Rex and Mitzi Zenger founded Zenger Management, Inc. in 2000 and have been providing unbiased marketing and business advice to grain producing families.  Rex is a KSU graduate with a B.S. and M.S. in agriculture.  Rex has devoted over thirty years in agriculture production and providing agriculture education, farm business advice and services to farm families.

About Our Services
Services provided are specific to each operation. However, in broad terms, we provide:
     Marketing Advisory
    Marketing Plan
     Marketing Newsletter
    Personal One-on-One Consulting

    Use of  GrainBridge a web-based platform to organize and manage 
         your production and help manage risk of your operation 

    To Receive a 2-week Free Trial of the Newsletter
         or a demo of GrainBridge email Leffler Ag Consulting


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